December Newsletter 2006

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or most of us, the holidays are a time of friendly gatherings, good vibes and recollections of happy memories. Others associate this season with bouts of sadness, struck by the holiday blues, a mild-to-moderate seasonal depression. And, unfortunately, a growing number of Americans find themselves dealing with depression and other mental illnesses – all year long.

Now there’s a group whose mission is to address the problems associated with ongoing psychiatric issues with the help of some amazing dogs. The Psychiatric Service Dog Society strives to improve the lives of those who are substantially impaired by major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental illnesses.

These incredible four-legged friends are charged with remarkable tasks. Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD’s) receive training to learn how to …

• Comfort their handler during emotional distress
• Interrupt repetitive behavior, dissociative events
  or flashbacks
• Provide prompts for taking medication at specific
• Search the house for prowlers and turn on lights
• Reduce their handler’s level of fear and their need  
  to be overly vigilant

If you, or someone you know, could use the vital care one of these clever canines can provide, we encourage you to contact the Psychiatric Service Dog Society for more information (


We are pleased to announce the upcoming creation of the Dr. Jane HealthyPetNet Foundation, Inc. This non-profit foundation is dedicated to the promotion, establishment, maintenance and management of animal rescue groups that are committed to rescuing abused animals in the U.S.  HealthyPetNet is donating a portion of our net profit to help support the operations of this extraordinary foundation. We look forward to sharing with you more about the progress of this foundation’s formation.



A $31.50 value, now only $17.95!
A fantastic gift for both dogs and their pet parents! The HealthyPetNet Holiday Gift Basket for Dogs features an adorable, plush, squeaking toy that will provide hours of entertainment. You’ll also find a sampler of the entire assortment of delicious and healthy HealthyPetNet treats!

• Wholesome Hearts Low Fat Treats
• Gourmet Dental Treats
• Antioxidant Health Bars
• Porkhide Dog Bones
• Dental Chews
• Porky Puff Dog Chew

These tasty morsels are cradled in a lovely painted, reusable holiday basket, nestled beneath the plush animal and festively packaged with a colorful ribbon and a holiday gift card that you can personalize. Make a canine’s holiday truly special, and treat them to a Holiday Gift Basket! (Basket and plush toys may vary.)

A $30.00 value, now only $14.95!
Don’t forget the felines on your list this holiday season!  The HealthyPetNet Holiday Gift Basket for Cats features a delightful variety of toys that will keep cats happily occupied throughout the holiday season. Cats will go bonkers over the whimsical Whisker Holiday Mouse … it’s filled with catnip, of course!  Speaking of catnip, the sweet little catnip pillow will provide hours of feline fun.  And they’ll love the soft Chenille Ball and a Faux Fur Holiday Mouse, both of which can provoke hours of feline chase excitement.

For the proud cat parent, you’ll receive an adorable, hand-painted, cat-shaped picture frame so that you can proudly display a photo of your treasured cat – use it as an holiday ornament or leave it out all year long!  And nestled within, you’ll find a bottle of Immune and Body Support, HealthyPetNet’s exclusive, new daily supplement. The toys and treats are cradled in a festively packaged with a colorful ribbon and a holiday gift card that you can personalize. (Basket and toys may vary.)

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