December Newsletter 2006

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Your weekday alarm rings early. You get out of bed and get ready for a typical work day.  The kids board their school bus, you grab a quick breakfast and you're on your way.  Did you forget anything?  How about your golden lab, Charlie?   
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The holidays are almost here. Can you feel the anticipation?  There are cards to write, gifts to buy, house cleaning, grocery shopping and parties to attend.  But, before you go into "high holiday gear," take a moment to read our holiday don'ts and do's to help keep your companion animal safe during this holiday season.
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Check out this revealing article on an ingredient found in many human food products, which can do severe damage to your dog's vital organs. You may have a food item containing this ingredient in your pantry right now, so please read this warning.
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Most of the country will feel the cold grip of winter for the next few months.  So dust off your winter coat, get those hats and gloves out and don't forget about your pet's special needs this time of year.  
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There's a special group of amazing dogs that are helping improve the quality of life for people with mental illness.  
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As you may know from prior newsletters, Life's Abandance International is HealthyPetNet’s parent company. Before the end of this year, we will introduce a new Life's Abandance web site, which will offer three lines of health-related products for people, the planet and our pets (under the HealthyPetNet brand name).


ore and more, we are beginning to see our sweet house cats with a view toward their evolutionary roots – as descendents of hunters in the wilderness. Cats are classified as obligate (or true) carnivores, indicating their diets should consist primarily of meat in order to satisfy their specific nutritional requirements. Their feline ancestors were primarily desert animals, and received the majority of their hydration from prey. This is largely believed to be responsible for felines lacking a strong desire to drink, apart from when they eat.

This concept inspired Dr. Bicks to formulate our popular canned premium cat food, Instinctive Choice. She has applied this same philosophy of nutritional food development to re-formulate Advanced Daily Supplement for Cats. The result is the delicious new and improved supplement renamed Immune & Body Support for Cats.

As pet parents, we recognize the wildness in our cats – for some of us, it’s a daily occurrence. They hide behind the sofa and pounce on a toy mouse or perch perfectly still while observing a bird. And with the majority of companion cats confined to the home with little or no access to the outdoors, they are repeatedly exposed to household cleaners, the impurities of tap water, herbicides and pollutants that we bring in the house on our shoes and clothes, and even from the repeated use of prescription medicines. All of these elements can have a negative impact on a cat’s bodily organs and immune system.

While feeding a healthy diet of Life’s Abundance and/or Instinctive Choice is a fantastic way to provide your cat with an excellent nutritional foundation, it’s also true that no two cats have precisely the same nutritional requirements. Breed, age, activity level, environment, genetics and other factors determine your cat’s special needs. Dr. Bicks formulated Immune & Body Support to incorporate the additional nutrients that target liver, kidney, heart, brain and immune system health.  And most importantly, this superior daily supplement works synergistically with HealthyPetNet's nutritious foods to fulfill the individual needs of each and every cat.

Our new formula is inspired by nature, and thus includes essential nutrients specific to the prey of cats. For example, muscle tissue is rich in L-Carnitine, and cartilage provides the glucosamine that is needed to maintain healthy joints.

Immune & Body Support also provides a broad spectrum of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and whole food concentrates (like stabilized rice bran and herring meal) to supplement a healthy diet and maintain optimal health. This comprehensive approach to supplementation will help your cat to thrive, and will meet his or her unique feline requirements. Immune & Body Support is formulated to help support the healthy functioning of your cat’s immune system and vital organs, and also helps to support a healthy urinary tract, which is vitally important for many felines. And best of all, it has a delicious flavor that even finicky cats love.  This holiday season, give your cat the gift of wellness!

Dr. Jane Bickss, Veterinarian Product Formulator
Dr. Jane is a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian and is responsible for HealthyPetNet's product formulation and development. Be sure to take advantage of opportunities to ask Dr. Jane about HealthyPetNet products.  This month's "Ask Dr. Jane" call will be held on Thurs., Dec. 14th from 8:30—9:30 PM Eastern Time. To participate in these live calls, dial 918-222-7106, pass code 3830#.
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