November Newsletter 2006

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The community of bacteria in the intestinal system protects its host from invading unhealthy microorganisms in an effort called “colonization resistance”. This resistance appears effective at supporting intestinal health. Clinical trials on humans show very clearly that probiotics are useful in supporting a healthy digestive system.

A recent study on the common cold found that use of probiotics helped decrease not only the period, but also the severity of associated symptoms.

When incorporating probiotics in food, there are two areas overlooked by some manufacturers: (1) using a wide spectrum of different types of probiotics, and (2) protecting the probiotics from heat during the cooking process. Under the direction of Dr. Jane Bicks, HealthyPetNet paid particular attention to these important criteria when developing Life’s Abundance Food for Dogs and Cats.

HealthyPetNet’s exclusive formula contains five types of probiotics, all of which are guaranteed to be viable after cooking – and after your companion animal eats Life’s Abundance. These natural bacterial cultures help your pet’s digestive system work at peak efficiency, allowing her or him to get even more nutrition from our wholesome food. The probiotics in Life’s Abundance helps to ensure a healthy intestinal flora, which supports:

  • Production of food for healthy enterocytes (specialized cells lining the GI tract)

  • Increased nutrient absorption

  • GALT, which communicates with systemic immune systems

And to protect these beneficial bacteria, HealthyPetNet micro-encapsulates the probiotics prior to cooking the food. This process ensures that the probiotics will survive, and thus will be able to establish and maintain healthy digestive system cultures.

HealthyPetNet understands that a healthy GI tract is important for a strong defense system. That’s why they’ve also included an ample supply of all-natural fiber and beet pulp, which are also important for maintaining and supporting digestive tract health. And, of course, Life’s Abundance contains a wealth of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to keep your companion’s body as healthy as possible.

Life’s Abundance Food for Dogs and Cats is truly a high-quality food with all the trimmings!


n October 6th, the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act was signed into law. The legislation requires state and local emergency preparedness authorities to make plans to accommodate companion and service animals in the event of natural disasters. If these organizations do not submit these plans, they will forfeit funding by FEMA. Additionally, the legislation allocates additional federal funds to pet-friendly emergency shelters.

The PETS Act was introduced into the House last year in response to public outcry when Hurricane Katrina evacuees were forced to abandon their companion animals in order to be rescued, and the resulting suffering of the animals left behind. Proponents and supporters believe that the provisions for adequate disaster planning outlined in the PETS Act will help to prevent such a debacle from occurring in future evacuations.

aving companion animals in the home may actually help to reduce allergies, according to new research. The nine-year study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, investigated the respiratory health of nearly ten thousand adults in relation to their lifelong history of having companion animals in their homes. Previous studies have indicated that exposure to cats and dogs in early childhood may make one less likely to develop asthma and allergies later in life. This study added to this evidence, noting that pet owners had significantly lower incidences of allergies – by over 30% – than those who had no pet.

Faster Shipping Times
Our new California distribution center allows us to significantly cut our shipping time to the Western States. The shipping time for 80% of all orders throughout the U.S. is only one to three days.
Lower Shipping Costs
Our new California distribution center allows us to significantly reduce shipping charges. The current minimum shipping charge of $7.25 will apply to virtually all orders containing pet food of any kind. (Excluding the HealthyPetNet Breeder's Program)

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