September Newsletter 2006
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Animal Welfare

ecently, the California Animal Association (a coalition of 15 animal protection groups) sponsored an anti-dog-chaining bill that was submitted to the California State Legislature. According to Pam Runquist, Director of the coalition, the bill represents “a precedent-setting animal protection and public safety measure.”

Long-term chaining of dogs is considered inhumane by many, as these animals are rarely exercised or socialized, and they tend to be ill-cared for. Additionally, animal control agencies report numerous cases where chained dogs have suffered severe injuries or even strangulation.

Runquist added that this cruel practice also “creates a serious public safety threat”, citing studies indicating that these dogs are nearly three times more likely to attack humans than unchained dogs. She hopes that the bill will help establish a new legal standard for protecting our canine companions.

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Hurricane Katrina – One Year Later …

It is estimated that 100,000 companion animals were left homeless in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. 

One year later, tens of thousands have been rescued and are now in adoption shelters around the country. But due to the enormous numbers displaced by the storm, there is now very little space left in U.S. shelters to send the many thousands yet to be rescued. 

If you are considering bringing a new companion animal into your home, HealthyPetNet urges you to consider visiting your local animal shelter. By adopting one of these pets, you’ll be helping to make room for those still being pulled from the destruction. 

Be a part of this incredible, ongoing cycle – by saving a life today, you’ll make it possible to save another life tomorrow.



Inspirational Story

hen Gloria, a six-month-old Akita, arrived at the animal shelter, she was in pretty bad shape. She was very frightened of noises and people, had infections in both eyes, her fur was falling out in clumps and some of her leg bones were malformed, causing her to waddle rather than walk. Her anxieties seemed to be the result of being caged most of the time. She had little or no socialization skills. Knowing that no family would take her home, one of the workers at the shelter adopted her.

Gloria’s new mom lived with her disabled grandmother who was confined to a wheelchair. Although Gloria was distrustful of most people, she took an instant liking to the elderly woman.

As Gloria became more accustomed to living in a dog-friendly home, her true character began to shine. She would spend hours with the grandmother, positioning herself so that her body provided warmth to the woman’s cold feet. Gloria grew to be more affectionate and her health seemed to improve dramatically.

Sadly, when Gloria was three, it became necessary to amputate one of her front legs, due to bone degeneration. Gloria’s mom was heartbroken. To make the situation even worse, the grandmother decided to move out-of-state to live with other family members.

Gloria grew increasingly despondent and had difficulty moving about the house. Desperate, Gloria’s mom called an animal communicator. After meeting with them, he said that Gloria was not depressed due to the loss of a limb, but due to the loss of “her work” – caring for the older woman.

Soon after, Gloria made her first visit to an assisted care facility. She moved from room to room with purpose, visiting the residents. Gloria’s mom was shocked at how well Gloria walked and jumped with only three legs. Gloria would lean against the older folks, putting her head in their laps and loving them with all of her might.

Gloria has visited the senior care home every week for the last several years. Every time she enters the building, her tail wags incessantly and her eyes sparkle. As soon as she enters a room, the residents instantly smile. Many sing to her or tell her stories, and all find comfort in her adoring presence.

Gloria is an inspiration to us all, to find our purpose and make the very best of the life we have.

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