August 2007

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Rewarding your dog with nutritious baked treats is a great way to help promote long-term health. Find out about some of the wholesome and delicious treats offered by HealthyPetNet.
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Is your cat stressed out? Is your pup experiencing anxiety? A new and simple test to let you know for sure … and how much!
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Read about the new research on vitamin E which supports the formulation of natural and nourishing products.
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A specially-formulated, holistic premium canned cat food that can make a dramatic difference in your cat’s overall fluid intake.
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Learn specific steps you can take now to help prevent this all-too-common illness, and how to identify it in its early stages.
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Proposed legislation could have a profound influence on product research, and in the lives of companion animals and their pet parents.
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Decades of scientific research has demonstrated the benefits of supplementing the diet with a superior-quality fish oil. Find out why you should be taking Sealogix Pharmaceutical-Grade Fish Oil.
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For us, it signifies our commitment to offering exceptional health products for people, the planet and pets.

Our pet products are formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a nationally-recognized holistic veterinarian, to help our companion animals live healthier and happier lives. Our planet products consist of household cleaners that are more natural alternatives to harsh, conventional cleaning products. And, we offer a full line of products for people, including Sealogix™ Omega-3 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oils, Trimlogix Weight Loss Soy Shakes and Ultralogix vitamins and supplements.

To find out more about these innovative lines of health-promoting products. today!


There’s been a great deal of attention focused upon dog and cat foods lately, especially in light of the pet food recalls. Similarly, we should turn a critical eye towards the hundreds of treats that dogs consume on a regular basis.

Many of the mass-produced treats on the market today contain the leftover cereals and other unsuitable ingredients, which are better for company profits than the long-term health of dogs. Artificial coloring and chemical preservatives are included in most to maintain freshness, as these well-known brands typically spend months stored in warehouses before ultimately being shipped to your local grocery. Upon inspecting their labels, you’ll find many contain wheat flour, soy flour, dextrose, BHA, high fructose corn syrup and garlic. These products are known to be hard for your dog to digest and some can have potentially harmful effects. In fact, garlic can be toxic to dogs.

As pet parents, we know that our companion animals depend solely upon us for their nutritional intake. And since good nutrition is important for our pets to live a long and healthy life, it is important to choose a nutrient-rich treat that can be a part of your pet’s overall diet. To fill this need, HealthyPetNet and Dr. Jane Bicks have created several nutritious treats for your dog. See Page 2

We all want our beloved pets to live a long and healthy life. Holistic health care requires us to understand that everything we do has an effect on our pets’ lives – there’s no aspect that should be overlooked.

Since we know that food is the foundation for a healthy life, most people select the best food to provide the many essential nutritional components our pets can’t do without. Treats should also be a part of your pet’s nutritional backbone, and they should be selected based upon their nutritional merits rather than on cost or flavor only.

Some people eat empty calorie snacks, while health-conscious people choose other products that offer unique nutrients to supplement their diet. Your pet’s treats should add the healthy components that you know will support a healthy immune system, strong muscles and an efficient brain. These nutrients can be found in many foods, including cranberries, apples, squash, zucchini, rice bran, whole grains and many others.

I feel very strongly that every treat you give your pet should have a health benefit so that at the end of the day, your pet truly is a reflection of his or her food, treats and love.

Thank you!
Dr. Jane Bicks

Dr. Jane Bicks, Veterinarian Product Formulator
Dr. Jane is a highly-respected and nationally-recognized holistic veterinarian and is responsible for HealthyPetNet's product formulation and development. Be sure to take advantage of opportunities to ask Dr. Jane about HealthyPetNet products. Next month's "Ask Dr. Jane" calls are scheduled for Thursday, August 9th and Thursday, August 23rd, at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. To participate in these live calls, dial 712-580-0380, pass code 626116#.

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