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Life's Abundance Dog And Cat Food Testimonials

Dear Dr. Jane Bicks and company,

I just wanted to tell you of the transformation of my dog.

We have a now-4 year old Black lab mix.He would . walk a couple of steps and

scratch then walk some more and then scratch again. And also you could always tell

right where he had been laying as there was always always a MOUND of hair he would

leave behind!! His food was the "run of the mill" dog food. Nothing out of the ordinary

and his body knew it!!! Too bad for him his owner didn't :(

We decided to switch after being convinced by my brother who had recently adopted a

boxer and wanted the best food for his puppy. I THOUGHT dogfood was dogfood.

So, we decided to order a med size bag and see how it went. He definitely liked the food

and even in the transition there wasn't any diarrhea or any potty problems. After

about a week, you could see a difference in his coat. What was once dull and lack

luster, had a sheen and a softness that just made you want to pet!! Then the pads of

his feet began to change...softer, almost as if someone had put lotion on them! The

shedding stopped! So did the itching!! . and this was when I KNEW We had found

our dogfood!!!

Thank you all for all of your hard work and efforts to make a dogfood that is healthy

for peoples' animals. I joke that my dogs probably eat better than I do!! Maybe you

could get into health foods for people too!

It was wonderful not to have to worry about the dogfood scare! When people would ask

me, I knew that I had nothing to worry about because I have the absolute best dog food

in the world!

Thank you for saving me a lot of vet visits and saving me $ ... which was the next step.

Without Life's Abdundance, My dog and my life would be much different!!! But I'm not

sure happier!!

Cindy S., Aurora IL




Spencer, my 7 year old long-haired Siamese, has had a 'sensitive' stomach for a few years.

Switching to Prescription Diet Pet Food, or other premium brands, did nothing for him. When his

vomiting of dry food increased dramatically, I did some online research and learned about

allergies to fillers (i.e., corn) that has become common in most dry pet foods, and then found your


He and his sister, Kate, have been on Life's Abundance since mid-June, and Spencer has not

vomited once since then. Needless to say, I'm delighted that he is no longer having an allergic

reaction. Both of them love their food, and patiently sit at their bowls if they can see the bottom!

I also ordered your treats to control hair-balls. In the past, they both walked away from treats of

any kind. Now, they come running when they see the bag in my hand.

Many thanks for your fine products. You may be sure we will be life-long customers.

Rosine R.




I have started to feed my pets our food as that truly is the best way to promote myself to

customers. My question is this. My cats are CRAZY, they normally play & tear through my house

for a few hours in the morning & then sleep until night. Since they started on the Life's Abundance

cat food they are like NON-STOP. It's fun to watch them be so darn active as they get into some

really funny tumbling matches. Is there anything extra in our food to give them this added energy

or is this behavior just due to the fact that they're not getting all of that junk that they were getting

when I had them on (another popular brand) I ordered both the cat & dog food & won my

husband over cause now our pets literally BEG to eat. He's so impressed that we THREW OUT

the (other brand) bags of food (and these were really close to being FULL).

This proves to me that our food is truly a terrific food for our pets to eat. I am 100% happy with

the results of their behavior.


Stacy S. (Trilogy - HealthyPetNet Independent Field Representative)




Hello, I just wanted to comment on your dog food! Years ago, my sister was a distributor

of this food, well she had to quit. I had forgotten about your products until I was

researching for a better and safer product for my little "girls" (Boston Terrier's) because

of the awful poisoning of the dog I came across your website, once again. I

have to say, I am sooo excited from seeing and being a witness to what ever ingredients

you have in there, it has made my old BT act like a pup again. She has always been

"lathargic, lazy, kick-back, passive" until I started feeding her your dog food! We could

see the difference in as little as 2 days! I was totally impressed! I was sooo impressed

with the results, I turned one of my friends on to it...( Amy S.) so now she is buying it for

her BT...her terrier absolutely loves it too! Amy said, that Daisey used to be pretty picky

with her food, not anymore!!

So anyways, THANK YOU for sacrificing many long hours into making this a

HEALTHY food for our little girls! I pray that God continues to bless your business with


Warmly, Becky S.




Just a little note to say Hi and how well Abigail is doing on Life's

Abundance. Her coat is so shinny and her Energy level is Fantastic.

Had to switch away from wholesome hearts. She's not too fond of it. I

went with the one that has the Cranberries (Antioxidant Health Bars).

Take care and have a great summer!

Kerry E.



I have a 15 year old Calico tabby that has had trouble with (digestive system issues) and watery,

gunky eyes. She has eaten (other popular premium brands) her whole life. Within a week of

switching to Life's Abundance her eyes have cleared up and her (digestive health) is much


Janice R.



Approximately 4 weeks ago, my husband and I decided to adopt a dog from one of the

local pet rescues. We have 4 cats, 2 birds and a little Malti-Poo named Oreo. Our

daughter was moving out and I guess we felt that Oreo would benefit from a buddy of

his own species.

We went to . Rescue in St. Petersburg, Florida seeking a dog we saw on their website,

but as luck would have it, that dog came down with a cough that day and needed

further vet checks. The director suggested that we come back the following Tuesday,

there is a cute little dog that looks just like Oreo coming up for adoption and will be

ready to adopt that day.

When we returned the following Tuesday, we decided to adopt the little dog the director

had suggested. Being HealthyPetNet executive distributors, we started to talk about

this awesome food we feed our animals. The director asked us what the name of the

food was, and we told him Lifes Abundance. He said look to your left at the wall. Since

we had visited a week earlier, a new display was erected with nothing but bags of Life's

Abundance dog and cat food! We were all shocked! The director explained that the

facility only feeds the animals that come to them, Lifes Abundance foods due to the fact

that the animals (easily adjust to the food, put weight on, and look healthier faster).

He requires all adoptive parents to purchase a bag on adoption. What a testimonial!!!

Of course, we didn't have to purchase any, and how wonderful our Jimmy was already

eating the absolute best food!

Teri & Patrick H., Florida (Trilogy - HealthyPetNet Independent Field Representatives)




A couple of years ago, my husband and I changed our diet to organic and stopped buying foods

that contained additives like partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. After a

while, we felt better. Then we thought, wouldn't it be nice to do the same for our dogs (not that

we weren't giving them premium food). We just wanted to remove the additives from their diets

too. I did some research on-line and found Life's Abundance. How wonderful to find a dog food

that was only meat, rice, veggies, fruit and probiotics. Our older Samoyed started on the food

when she was 10 years old and lived to be 13 years old. When she passed away, our younger

Samoyed had never been without a companion. After a few months, she seemed very lonely.

We decided to get her a companion and adopted a male Samoyed from a Samoyed rescue

organization. I was told by the foster "mom" that her husband had done extensive research on

dog food and they were giving their dogs the most nutritional food. When we got the boy, he had

just had a bath, but had a bad smell (which is unusual for Samoyeds). His ears were very greasy

and dirty and his eye's very goopy and runny. We started feeding the boy Life's Abundance.

Within a couple of weeks, without a bath, the boy's odor was gone and his ears and eyes cleared

up. This is when I realized how good the food was.

Thanks for making the great dog food!

Dianne E.





I received my shipment of dog food today. I have a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix that is

very picky. I knew if she would eat the new dog food the other dogs would, also. She,

Chloe, loved the food and treat. Chloe was satisfied, had more energy, and wasn't hungry

2 hours later. I am so satisfied and thrilled about the dog food. And Chloe thanks you,

too. I will recommend your dog food to all I know. It's a good feeling knowing you're

feeding your precious doggy something that is good for her.

Thank you,




Debbie H.


















I've been a highly recommended Breeder of Show/Competition/Working dogs for over 30 years.

The pet food recalls of 2007 shocked me, and scared me silly. I was feeding some of the big

name "super premium" brands recalled, in my 100+ dog pet-resort/kennel. We are yet to tally our


I did about 2 weeks of research and consulted my vet, and decided that HealthyPetNet's "Life's

Abundance" was the best formula, had the best Vet in charge of the formula, and the freshest

mode of rapid direct delivery available in the US.

I considered cooking for all the dogs, but even if I could get the mineral and vitamin, protein, fat

and carbohydrate balances correct, I realized that the buyers of my puppies might not be able

to do the same. I needed a consistently available super premium brand, to use, and be able to


I immediately bought over 2000 lbs of "Life's Abundance" and saw immediate stool improvement.

The dogs and puppies jumped on the new food, like it was tri-tip, even a 3 month old 1

lb. chihuahua who'd just been rushed to the vet ... She shunned the vets liquid complete food he

prescribed and ate soaked "Life's Abundance" like it was steak as soon as she came around, and

completely recovered. Now I feel safe and confident that my dogs and precious puppies are on

the very best. I wish I could stop worrying that less than deadly amounts of exposure to toxins in

the pet store brands, might cause us . other damages, but I'm so glad there was a healthy,

wholesome, holistic, alternative, direct sales brand.

Thank you HealthyPetNet, for making "Life's Abundance" available to American pets, so the

owners who cherish them can feel at peace, knowing that we're feeding the best.

Dawn D.

Stevinson, CA




We're using the dry cat food (Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Cats).

Fantastic product. After only ten days our 15 year old female has lost all symptoms of

food allergies and is already more active, walking better etc. Our two year old male has

a nicer coat, very soft and shiny and no more dry skin. Please don't change anything!

Most important of all, they love it. It wouldn't help to give them healthy food if they

wouldn't eat it.

Many thanks for the great service too. I received our first order in 3 business days by

"UPS Ground."

Warm regards,

David P.




Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou. I just ordered my second bag of Life's Abundance and feel such a great relief

from worrying about what food is the best for my beautiful labs. The recall scared me to death and because

of it I researched all dog food to find the best. Life's Abundance is the best, my dogs look better and feel

better. My five year old is running around like he is two again. And his eyes are not running anymore and

he isn't rubbing his face and the rug anymore. He would itch so much he rubbed his face till it bled. But not

anymore. I have great confidence in the food I feed them now, and they are so much happier and healthier.

Thank you so very much for your great product and for caring about our pets and my peace of mind.


Cheryl P.




Hi, just received my first order (cat food) They loved it! I am sure I

will become a regular customer now. I will never again trust the large

companies. I am telling all my friends about your products and posting

a copy of your web page at work where it will be exposed to over a

thousand employees. Thanks for providing a safe product!

Best Regards

Jim W.




My two dogs are now on your dog food and love it. One is a Maltese and I've noticed since she is on this

new diet, she doesn't have the eye staining that is so common with her breed. I am telling all my friends

about your products!

Thanks You!

Barb R.




I just wanted to say Thank you very much for creating such nice food. A customer of mine was

particularly happy. She told me all her 5 cats equally like Life's Abundance, canned food

(Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Food for Cats), and the supplements. The cats accepted all

the cat products you formulated willingly, and beg for more. She has learned the importance of

nutrition. I always pass on to her what I learn from your weekly calls.

I just realized that I have learned more about pets' health from you than from all the other pet

books. I'm glad I kept listening to your calls. My accumulated product knowledge from you is my

treasure. I feel happiest when I meet someone who is willing to listen to what I have learned from


Please take care, and thank you.


(Trilogy - HealthyPetNet Independent Field Repesentative)




Thanks Dr. Jane,

I was privileged to be on the call tonight - it was great! -VERY informative and educational. Thanks so much for your

time and energy - the expertise and knowledge that you so willingly share and the way that you teach us is just

wonderful. I'm sooooo thankful to have you as my friend and business partner!!!

You didn't ask for product testimonies and I didn't want to chime in....I'm so excited - I took my Grandma dog "Abby"

in for her Old Lady Check-up (2 wks ago) at 10.5 yrs. (she's the gray muzzel in the middle of our group poochie picture

on the front page of our website). The vet examined her and we did blood work. When he called me a week later to

go over the results with me he said, "If I didn't know better, I'd say that this is the blood work on a 2-3 year old dog!"

The results were great - everything was wonderful and he was quite excited about it. Of course, I said "She's been on

Life's Abundance for the last 4 & 1/2 years and that's why!" They haven't come over yet but I keep working on them -

in the healthy realm. They don't know what to do with me (and you) - from my use of natural remedies and

supplements, your healthy products, and a Dr/food formulator that actually gives advice ⁄ that works :)! They're a 5

vet practice that I used to work for as a vet tech asst. before I went into research chemistry at the environmental lab

where I now work part-time and hopefully no time once we get this Life's Abndance business where it will support us :) Just

wanted to write and encourage you - you're GREAT!

Thanks for Keeping on Keeping On.....


Ellen M. & Abby

(Trilogy 􀄃 HealthyPetNet Independent Field Representative)





I wanted to tell you the story of our 13 year old German Shepard,

Kira. A few years ago she started getting nasty skin infections and

would chew herself raw within a day. Preliminary vet tests didn't show

much, but Kira kept getting worse. After months and months on

antibiotics, we changed vets. Our new vet tested Kira thyroid and found

she was severely hypo-thyriod, so we started her on meds immediately.

She improved, but still had skin problems. So the vet did an allergy

test next and we discovered Kira is very allergic to all types of meat,

especially beef. As you know trying to find a dog food without some

type of animals product in it is extremely hard. And the prices can be

very high too. I was forced to cook for Kira twice a day which became

very time consuming. After we found Life's Abundance I was skeptical,

because nothing else had helped Kira before... She loves your food and

never turns her nose up at it, like she did other products. I truly

believe you saved our Kira's life.. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Mandi G.




I had to write and thank you for the amazing dog food product that you produce! My 2 year old

boxer has had allergies ever since we got her at age 17 months. She lost her toe nails, had

swollen paws and started bleeding around the nails . In addition, in spite of changing her food

carefully several times to find something that agreed with her digestion, her "poops" remained soft

and almost formless. In searching the web for help, I discovered your website and it was one of

the testimonials about a highly allergic boxer that convinced me to try your product. We are just

starting our second bag which we are now autoshipping and the difference in Lilly is nothing short

of amazing. Her poops became normal in about 2 days . Her paws are no longer swollen and

she has ceased licking them constantly. You have a very grateful customer and a very happy,

healthy dog.


Paige A.




I would like to share my story...On my birthday this past June, I had to put my almost 12 year old

Rotti, Angel, to sleep. It was the first time in my entire life that I had to do that. My youngest son,

Joe, asked me if I was ready for another Rotti puppy...I said that I was. He contacted a friend of

ours in Tx and she went to the local feed stores and vet and found that there were some Rotti

puppies for sale in her area.To make a very long story short, Chi had been flea infested, which

caused worms . Well...after the vet did all she could do, I decided that I needed to find a Rotti

breeder, here in AZ...I lucked out...Mark . was most helpful and considerate. Mark told me

what he feeds and the website for Life's Abundance! At 8 months, Chi weighed 45 pounds! At 9

1/2 months, she now weighs 57 pounds!!!after only being on Life's Abundance for 3 weeks! Chi is

filling out and growing!!! This makes me very happy!!

Thanx~Aurora C.




I have just recently purchased an order of Life's Abundance for my six

month old soft coated wheaten, Joe. We have had numerous problems with

him since getting him, skin problems, recurrent yeast ear infections

and recurrent diarrhea and very bad gas. He has been on medication for

his ear and been tested for parasites etc and given the all clear. We

have tried different dog foods and the ones we tried were so called

premium foods, some specifically for sensitive stomachs as I had a

feeling his problems may be food related. We did everything right

introducing each one slowly and still no change in him. You could hear

his stomach gurgling at 20 paces. Not huge problems I admit but it had

gotten to the stage where he himself was not eating his food and was

not a happy chappy. It was as if he knew the food was the source of his

problems. When I got your food on wednesday he was eating a diet of

boiled rice and a little hamburger as I'd been told this might help

with the diarrhea. "Not Really" and I was worried about him getting

proper nutrients with such a diet. I was at my wits end, and frankly

becoming too paranoid about doggy poops and Dog Food. I found your

product when I was researching about his problems on line and I admit

did not order it at first and thought I would try some more food I

could purchase in a store. Big Mistake and I would say to anyone not to

let the fact that you have to order the food online and wait for

delivery to put you off. Anyway I ordered your food. I couldn't wait

for it to come as I was quite honestly becoming too knowledgeable and

involved with doggy poops and they were becoming my main topic of

conversation. Anyway it came Wednesday 20th September. I must admit I

fed it to Joe straight away in one as I really did not want to mix it

with the source of what I thought were his problems.

I did worry that this might have the same effect as I know you are

supposed to reintroduce a new food slowly but I thought he's having

problems anyway what the (heck). I never in my life thought I would be

so ecstatic about a doggy poop as the very next day Joe had an almost

normal poop and I would say that as of today Friday seems fine in that

department. I am amazed as at the least I thought giving him your food

straight away would have caused a problem maybe and I'm sure you would

not recommend it normally but when he wasn't eating anything else I had

nothing to lose. He woofed it back when I gave him it and he cleared

his bowl. Today even the skin problem on his hind quarters which was

quite fierce looks as if it's improving. I am amazed at the change in

him in such a short time and know that he will do well with

this diet. I have a six month old kitten and even caught her in his

bowl which I thought unusual. I've known of a dog eating cat food but

never the other way round. So I'm going to order her the cat Life's

Abundance package and I will be placing another order for Joe and

incorporating your doggy nutrients. .This food is fantastic and I only

wish I had purchased it earlier.

Thank you so much

Nicole B.




Dear Doctor:

I have been fortunate, through my 80+ years to have had a number of dogs and cats to love and

care for. It was always difficult, though, to try to assure my pets a most nutritious diet. There has

always been so much garbage on the market, claimed by each manufacturer to be just

the perfect food to keep my pets healthy. Like so many other pet owners, I believed it.

I now own an old dog, a mutt, that I got from an animal protection shelter. She is a wonderful

animal. We are two old geezers happy to have each other. Neither of us is in perfect shape, but

we are basically healthy.

Thanks to a friend who owns a boarding kennel, I got a list of the best animal foods, and Life's

Abundance was first on the list. That's what Daisy eats, and enjoys. It's hard to believe that an

old dog can jump so high, expressing her joy and excitement about each coming feeding, and I

feel great knowing that I'm not giving my Daisy any junk. She is getting the best.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours,

Jerry C.




We are so happy to have found the information on your website and to

have ordered your dog food.

We have a new doberman puppy that was not doing well on the puppy food

that she was eating. It was very hard to watch her stools be almost

liquid day after day. Being she was doing so poorly on her old food I

switched her immediately to Life's Abundance even though a slow mix to

switch is recommended. (She tried to tear the Life's Abundance Food bag

open when it came.) Life's Abundance Dog food has turned that all

around. Her stools went to normal within two feedings. Her coat is

shiny and soft and she is feeling much better and this is just her

first week of Life's Abundance healthy food. It is so wonderful to see

her feeling so much better and thriving on great food.

We love to know that what we are feeding her is so healthy for her.

Thanks for providing such a great product!!

Kirsten L.




Dear Healthy Pet Net and Dr. Jane, As the owner of a small pet supply store here in

Kanab, Utah, I carry all top of the line natural pet foods and products. My best seller is

still Life's Abundance foods, both for cats and dogs. I hear amazing stories every day

related to using the food and supplements to enhance health.

My customers are local and tourists alike. One recent customer who was visiting a

friend, came in complaining about her pug throwing up after eating and always having

a rash after bathing. She bought Life's Abundance and the Spa shampoo. I received a

note from her this week: "My pug and I want to thank you for the food and shampoo!

I happily report NO pug vomiting (a world record of 5 days) and NO pug hives when


My own experience with my 11 year old rescued Lab is all positive from a shiny coat to

not being stiff after taking Agility.There is a local police officer who feeds Life's

Abundance to his canine partner. When I was having trouble keeping the food on the

shelves from sales, he turned to Autoship so his dog would never have to change foods.

That problem is now solved with the new West Coast Warehouse. I order more

frequently and receive it within 3 days.

Thank you Healthy Pet Net and Dr. Jane for all you are doing for the animals.

Sincerely, Jo Anne R., Kanab, UT (Trilogy - HealthyPetNet Independent Field Rep)




Instinctive Choice Premium Cat Canned Cat Food

Dear Dr. Bicks, Just wanted you to know that my cats LOVE the new Instinctive Choice canned food!

Thank you for developing another excellent product.

Lauren P.

Hi,Just wanted to say how happy we are with your cat food. We have

been searching for over a year for a healthy cat food that our cats

would eat. We have tried several brands that were healthy but our cats

did not like. Their ads would claim that cats could not resist their

cat food. Our cats would eat a little then try to bury it. We were

getting frustrated but did not want to go back to store bought. I found

your site on a google search. Not only do our cats love your cat food

they both sing for it. Their bowls are eagerly emptied every time.

They think they are getting tuna every day. My wife and I and our cats

thank you for making a healthy and tasty cat food that lives up to it's


Sincerely, Barbara & Rich




Agility for Dogs & Cats

I started to feed all 7 of my dogs your food and my oldest Shih Tzu was given your hip/joint

supplement a the same time. His name is Harley he's 4 years old and experienced some

tenderness in his rear left leg. He was not able to run in the yard with my other dogs which got

him depressed. After approximately two months of eating your food and taking the supplements

he's almost back to 100%. It's also made a difference in all my other sweet little babies who are

extremely happy and very energetic.

Michael L.

Macon, GA




I live in Salisbury, MD where I take my three year old Kerry Blue

Terrier to Cathies Groomer's for his monthly spa day. It was Cathies

Groomer's who told about Agility. Kellen Blu has HD and has had it

since early puppyhood at two years of age he was xrayed and we were

told his left hip was at 75% and his right 45% HD. We had him on other

supplement's for his hips but the yelping and pain kept getting worse.

He has been on Agility for two months ... He has more mobility in his

hips and less (discomfort). I am very impressed with your product and

intend to spread the word . Many thanks from our family to yours. I

would enclose a photo of Kellen Blu but not sure if you can receive it.

The Howards




Advanced Daily Supplement for Dogs

Dear Dr Bicks,

I am writing to share my dog Ming's testimony. Ming is a 10 year old pekingese who

has had multiple health challenges. She started having very dry skin and several wiry

areas in her fur. Her fur was dull and brittle. She was unable to take the skin and coat.

However, I tried the multivitamin (Advanced Daily Supplement for Dogs) and in 1

month her fur was shiny, lustrous and no longer wiry. I tried switching . and her old

problems came back in about 3 weeks. I put her back on your multivitamin and her fur

is great again!

Thanx so much, Judy J.




Skin & Coat Formula for Dogs & Cats

Dr. Jane,

I recently became an independent rep. I just wanted to let you know that the Skin & Coat

Formula has made a big difference for my cat Amiga.

I rescued Amiga about 13 years ago and she was a full grown adult. She has always had

coat issues that get worse in the winter. She has a tendency to look pretty ratty, even with

daily brushing. She has always been skittish and difficult to give any kind of supplement


Well, I offered her the Skin & Coat Formula when I received my executive pak about 3

weeks ago. I break it up and she gobbles it up like a treat. She is already looking so much

better! Her coat is less oily and not so ruffled!

Just wanted to pass it along!

Kerry B.

(Trilogy - HealthyPetNet Independent Field Representative)




Purrfectly Natural Gourmet Cat Treats (Hairball Control Formula)

I love feeding treats to my cats, just like to my dogs. My cats really look for that

something extra between meals and it's fun to call them over and pet them while

they snack. It's really important to me too that the treats they get are nutritious

and well-balanced, no junk for cats that are mine! That's why I feed them

Gourmet Cat Treats Hairball Formula, delicious treats that they love to eat and

that are really good for them too.

Best, Ann R. (Trilogy - HealthyPetNet Independent Field Representative

most powerful whole food nutritional product