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The Importance of Pet Insurance

Near-term costs.  Long-term savings.  That’s exactly what pet insurance, just like your health insurance (if you’re fortunate enough to be covered), offers pet parents.  And in difficult economic times, pet insurance may be the answer to escalating vet bills.

Veterinary charges continue to rise, largely due to the fact that procedures once used exclusively for human diagnoses (like CAT-scans and MRI’s) are much more commonly used for diagnosing companion animals.

Presently, only 3% of companion animals are insured in America.  And yet, that’s still a 50% increase in only one year.

Pet insurance remains a relatively inexpensive way to help families deal with the high costs of the best possible veterinary care.  Policies are available through companies like Veterinary Pet Insurance, Pet Health, Inc., ShelterCare and others, both for cats and for dogs, and cover everything from annual exams to specialized treatments. 

Before you buy a pet insurance policy, call your veterinarian office to find out what policies will cover costs there.  After all, there’s no point getting a policy if your veterinarian doesn’t accept it.  Additionally, you might want to discuss which policy will best suit your companion animal’s needs with your vet.

Accidental Injuries Due to Pets

Injuries resulting from losing one’s balance from trying to avoid stepping on your cat.  Falling over your dog on an afternoon walk.  Slipping on a chew toy in the hallway.  These accidents are much more common than you might expect.

A recent report published in the CDC’s Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report in March highlights a heretofore uncompiled data from medical reports filed at 66 different hospitals from 2001 to 2006.  This collection of personal injury accounts from all across America indicates that we’re surprisingly likely to injure ourselves because of our four-legged companions.  Further, the data clearly shows that seniors are particularly likely to break a bone due to such mishaps.

The researcher who penned the study, Dr. Judy Stevens, suggested that the importance of training cannot be understressed in the prevention of such accidents. 

We would suggest that the adage, “look both ways before crossing the street” should probably be emended to “look both ways – and down – before crossing your living room”. 

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