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York Chocolate Cat Breed Information

York Chocolate CatYork Chocolate cat breed is of recent origin. It originated in America. In 1983 a farm cat gave birth to a litter that included one brown kitten, Brownie. Brownie had a litter the next summer that included Minky, a longhaired black male. In 1985 Brownie and Minky produced two kittens: a solid brown male, and a brown and white female. The cats' owner, Janet Chiefari, noticed a consistency in body and coat type among the kittens and initiated a breeding program. She named the breed as York Chocolate. York for her home state of New York and Chocolate for the breed's characteristic coloring. In March 1990 the York Chocolate was accepted as an experimental breed in CFF and ACFA. In March 1992, the breed was granted CFF Championship status, and in March 1995 the breed achieved Championship status in the Canadian Cat Association as well.

The York Chocolate is a medium to large cat. It is big-boned and muscular. Its head is round shaped while the ears are large and pointed that tilt forward. The eyes are almond-shaped with color ranging from green, gold, or hazel. They are solid or bicolored in chocolate or lilac. Yorks have a plumed tail, toe tufts, and a modest neck ruff.

Yorks are an active, intelligent and inquisitive cat. They constantly monitor the activities of their owners. They like to be held and cuddled. Yorks have a fascination with water. They tend to bond with one person or family and are cautious of strangers.

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