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Walking Your Dog for Health

Why Exercise and Long Walks With Your Dog Are Mandatory

If your dog is confined in the house all day while you are away, they may need some exercise when you come home. If they do not have some exercise they can become overweight, inactive and become lazy. They may also develop some problems with behavior if you do not plan some type of activity with them. They could decide to chew on things or take to barking at anything they hear. By being alone and not having enough exercise they can become aggressive to others and have destructive tendencies. To keep your dog fit and happy, you need to provide some type of exercise.  

While exercise is needed, you will also find that any type of exercise you do with your dog is a way of bonding with them as well. Not only does it benefit the dog, but you also feel better when you have some relaxing exercise to wind down from a hard day at work. Therefore, exercise will help you and your dog together.

Taking Your Dog for a Walk

One exercise that is beneficial to you and your dog is walking. It is the easiest way to receive some exercise and bond with your dog. You do not need to walk at a fast pace, you can take leisurely walk and still have the same amount of exercise if you were to walk at a faster pace.  

Not only are you exercising, but you are also getting some fresh air to the body and working the muscles as well as clearing your head and body of stress. You can start your walk with a short distance if your dog has become a little overweight and work your way up until you reach the desired walk time.  

Depending on the breed of your dog, you may even be able to take walks that are a mile or two. This is more for breeds of dogs that are considered active breeds. A small dog breed such as a Pekingese is not going to need this much distance and will tire easily.  

Whether you take long walks or short walks, your dog will relieve some of that pent up energy that usually results in devious behavior when you are not around.

Article by Allison Duarte of Oh My Dog Supplies -

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