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Pet Breed Information for most breeds of dogs and cats
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Siberian Cat Breed Information

Siberian CatThe Siberian is a recognized breed of cat. Siberians are strong and powerfully built, with well proportioned characteristics. They are generally intelligent, playful, affectionate and loyal. Their fur is plush, without the tendency to mat, and some claim that it is hypoallergenic. (There is currently a study underway, commissioned at the University of California (at Davis) to find out about this claim.)

The Siberian tends to be both a great problem solver and also, rather like dogs, are loyal to their adopted families which is why they are so well suited to the households in which one spouse, usually a husband or significant other, professes to be a "dog person" not a "cat person." Often it is that same "dog person" who is greeted at the door by their Siberian and after being dutifully followed around the house by their Siberian, then decides that one Siberian is simply not enough! Siberians are extremely agile and can leap great distances and heights to "fly through the air with the greatest of ease!" However, their agility also means they usually navigate potentially breakable brick-a-brac without leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Prudence dictates that one would still want to think twice about placing a Ming Dynasty vase on the mantle. A delightful combination of the flying Walenda's and the sleuth "the Pink Panther," the Siberian is a zany mixture of both. Expect the unexpected when sharing your home with a Siberian.

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