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Business for Pet Professionals

Attention: Pet Sitters, Pet Breeders, Dog Boarders, Dog Trainers, Dog Groomers, Dog Handlers, Veterinarians, and all other Pet Professionals that love animals.  

Our pet business can be a natural extension of your already established pet care or pet services business by utilizing your current customer base.  If you are like most pet professionals, you are working very hard and long hours for the love of pets. Would you like to earn additional income from your existing customer base so your time and effort required would be minimal? This is possible because our business is a natural extension of your pet business. Would you be interested in learning more about a pet business model that can provide you with a profitable extension of your current pet business with no inventory investment. Just click the 7 Reasons video above to see how it can work for you.

Your concern for pets and your reputation is of utmost importance. We know that no matter how much money you could make from our pet business, you would surely not recommend products that you do not believe in. A incremental pet business can only work for you if you believe in the company and their products. First and foremost our products are formulated to always have a pets best interest in mind and this belief is the first step to your success and the foundation of our success.

Our company is Life's Abundance a marketer of premium healthy pet products to help pets live happier, healthier and longer lives. You can be proud when you offer any of our pet products to your customers because your customer relationships are priceless and our products are designed for customer satisfaction so it helps strengthen your customer relationships. 

Life's Abundance offers safe and healthy pet foods, pet treats, pet care items and non-toxic cleaning products. Our products are formulated by the nationally recognized holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks. Many of our pet products address problems you see daily such as skin and coat irritations, agility, overweight, etc.

HealthyPetNet products are formulated to make a positive difference in pet's life. Life's Abundance Premium Health Foods for Dogs and Cats contain high quality (FREE from steroids and hormones) chicken and turkey, grape seed extract for its powerful antioxidant properties, probiotics and other health promoting ingredients. They contain NO byproducts, NO corn, NO wheat, NO artificial colors or NO chemical preservatives. We have not used any of the ingredients found to be tainted in the previous pet food recalls because we have always considered these ingredients inferior grades of protein and would not ever use them anyway. All of our products have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM is Life's Abundance's Product Formulator. Dr. Jane is a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian. She is the author of three national books on pet care and nutrition and has served on professional boards including the Cornell Feline Health Center. Dr. Jane served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association in NYC and was appointed by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help start one of the largest animal shelters in the United States. She has also appeared on many network television and cable programs and numerous radio stations as a veterinary expert.

Pet Professional Advantages

Here are some reasons why this business extension could make sense to add to your current business.

  1. It is a natural extension of your current existing business.

  2. As a representative, you can earn an ongoing income by selling premium products to your customers on our automatic shipment program.

  3. NO INVENTORY TO STOCK. Our products are delivered right to your customers' door by the factory to maximize freshness so there is no inventory investment required.

  4. You can grow a large business without the usual business headaches:
    NO Employees are required
    NO Accounts Receivable
    NO Accounts Payable
    NO Overhead

  5. You can earn even more by getting other Pet Professionals you work with to join our business to work with you.

  6. You'll have a turn-key training and education system available to you.

  7. FREE customer service and FREE informed technical staff to assist you.

  8. As an added benefit, many Pet Professionals who sell Life's Abundance products are realizing an increase in their current businesses through unsolicited customer referrals.

  9. Employees can sign up as reps. A Pet Pro can create an opportunity for his or her employees to earn additional income without increasing payroll. The employee makes additional income and you earn 10% commission on their efforts as well. It is a win/win situation and can ultimately build your business with happier employees.

You know, in today's uncertain economy, many Pet Professionals are seeking a little more financial security. If you don't go to work tomorrow, you won't get paid. The ongoing income you can earn at HealthyPetNet from monthly orders from your existing customers can help build that important financial security. 

Find out what is really in your pet's food.
Watch the video: "Do You Really Know What's in Your Pet's Food?"

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