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Manchester Terrier Dog Breed Information

Mancherster_TerrierThe Manchester Terrier is a breed of dog.


Developed in the medieval era in England. It is said that that its closest ancestor and relative is an English terrier known as the Black and Tan Terrier, which was crossed with Whippets to impart some elegance and speed. The Manchester Terrier is said to be one of the ancestors of the Dobermann and is partly responsible for imparting the black and tan colouration and sleek appearance to the latter.


The original intent of the breeders was to develop a breed that was good at killing rats. It is the earliest known breed of dog developed exclusively to kill rats. The dogs used to be used in the blood sport of rat baiting and bets were placed as to how quickly it could kill 100 rats. The dog who took the least time emerged the winner. The sport is now banned. In addition, at one point in its history, this breed was used for dog fighting.

The Manchester Terrier - once closely related to a white English terrier that seems to have disappeared, probably because of its tendency to deafness - has evolved as a reliable household pet. It retains its sporting instincts while fitting happily into a home that requires an alert, lively pet. It is usually good with children. At one time the Manchester Terrier and the English Toy Terrier were shown as Black and Tan Terriers with a weight division. The English Toy Terrier is now separately classified in England, but in the USA, where the Manchester Terrier is popular, breeding of toys and standards is permitted. The toy variety may not exceed 121b (5.4kg). The standard variety should be more than 121b (5.4kg) but no more than 221b (10kg). A number of Manchesters were exported from the United Kingdom to the United States, Canada and Germany in the 1800s, and it is thought (see Dobermann Pinscher) that the Manchester contributed to the make-up of the Dobermann, certainly as far as its short, shiny black and tan coat was concerned. Earlier Manchesters had cropped ears, a practice that became illegal in the United Kingdom in 1895.


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