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Lakeland Terrier Dog Breed Information

Lakeland TerrierThe Lakeland Terrier is a dog breed, one of many Terrier breeds, that originated in the Lake District of England as a descendant of the old English Black and Tan and Fell Terriers.


The breed is similar to the Welsh Terrier and has thick, hard hair that is coloured black and tan, blue and tan, red-gray, red, wheat, liver, blue, or black. They have an upright tail. Lakeland Terriers grow to between 33 and 38cm (13 to 15 inches) in height measured to the withers with a weight of between 7 and 8 kg (15 to 17 lbs).


In 1925 the breed attained homogeneity following a cross-breeding with the Fox Terrier and the Airedale Terrier. The Lakeland Terrier is suitable for fox and rabbit hunting and for sheep predator control.

The Lakeland Terrier is among the most ancient of working terrier breeds, having been established long before kennel clubs or official stud books. The Lakeland originated in the Lake District of England, hence its name, but was originally known as the Patterdale Terrier in places where it went to ground working with the local hunts. Although known as a working dog long before, the Lakeland did not make an appearance in the show ring until a breed club was formed in 1932.


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