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Benefits of Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Health Food

At Life's Abundance, we focus on what a cat really needs for good health, rather than just on keeping down costs.  Additionally, we refrain from the temptation to feed them ingredients we ourselves might want to eat.  For example, while other companies have chosen to feature excessive carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and grains simply because they sound appetizing to pet parents, we believe that they aren’t exactly what cats need in order to thrive over a long and happy lifetime. 

The Instinctive Choice recipe reflects the fact that cats are metabolically adapted to use protein and fat as their primary sources for energy.  To make this unique formula as natural as possible, we use absolutely no glutens, artificial flavors or food colorings.  Not only that, our premium canned cat food is nutrient-dense, which means that you can feed less of Instinctive Choice than many other brands of canned cat food, while still providing the superior nutrition they deserve.

This recipe was formulated to address the needs of the whole body, in order to promote overall feline health.  That’s why Instinctive Choice contains high-quality proteins from organic chicken, turkey, chicken liver and shrimp.  This prime selection ensures that your cat will receive a full array of the protein components that true carnivores need to live a healthy life. 

Additionally, Instinctive Choice includes a guaranteed amount of added omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and omega-6 fatty acids.  There’s also a guaranteed amount of added vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant important to long-term health.  We’ve also included minerals, antioxidants, and Inulin, which supports a healthy intestine, a healthy immune system and improved nutrient absorption.  And, to top off this delicious recipe, we added a guaranteed amount of Taurine, an amino acid found in meats that supports a healthy heart, eyes and muscles.
And to make this premium canned cat food not only nutritious but tantalizing, too, we’ve flavored it with a hint of rosemary, for a taste that cats hunger for, meal after mouthwatering meal.

Provide your cat with a feast that was created to fulfill their natural instincts.  When you feed your cat Instinctive Choice, you’re giving them the exceptional nutrition they need to enjoy a lifetime of health.

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