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Dog Kennels and Dog Confinement

Before investing thousands of dollars in a backyard fence for your dog, consider purchasing a dog kennel. Dog kennels are lightweight and easy to install. They're much more economical than a fence and come in a variety of materials and sizes.

There are a number of reasons to invest in a dog kennel. The number one is protection. A kennel provides the peace of mind that your dog is always safe and secure. Moving vehicles and neighbors' dogs are a tempting distraction for many dogs. Kennels also provide dogs plenty of room to move around while protecting flowerbeds from destructive or curious canines. Many kennels have covers that protect dogs from inclement weather conditions.

The most popular material used in a dog kennel is galvanized chain link and welded wire that will not harm your pet. These Dog kennels are lightweight, durable and feature fast and easy set up. Many of these dog kennels offer an optional sun cover that fits over the top of the dog kennel. Wire mesh dog kennels are an alternative to the chain link dog fencing and offer the advantage of no sharp ends. Dog hair can easily get caught on the chain loops of chain link dog fences. Wire mesh dog kennels are also lightweight, but are a little more than a chain link dog kennel.

Dog kennels come in a variety of sizes to fit one or more dogs. There are dog kennel complexes with several “rooms” to keeps dogs separated. The majority of kennels are 5 to 6 feet high, which eliminates dogs from jumping over them. The most popular sizes are 6' x 6' and 10' by 10' wide. The size and nature of your dog will factor into the size of dog kennel you choose.

Let Rover run in his own kennel when he's outside. Kennels are an inexpensive alternative to backyard fences and will provide you the assurance that your dog is always safe and happy.

Definition: The words "Dog Kennel Fence" refers to an electronic pet containment system that utilizes underground boundary wires and electronic collars to safely contain pets.

Our quality Dog Kennels protect pets more than Chain Link dog kennel fencing.

These containment Dog Kennels are NOT constructed with chain link fencing that can injure your pet. Make dog pens and dog runs with our expandable and portable dog kennels

We manufacture a safer more secure Dog Kennel than those made of a Chain Link fencing. Our modular NON Chain Link fencing Dog Kennels are high quality, easy-to-assemble and perfect for your home or business. PetPro's NON Chain Link fencing Kennels are superior to traditional chain link dog fences for Dog Pens and Dog Runs that have exposed sharp ends and can cause injury to your pet. Our non Chain Link fencing Dog Kennels are designed with your pet’s safety in mind.

The Silver Series Kennel is made with zinc-plated 11-1/2 inch gauge hardened steel wire that is welded at each 2" x 4" intersection before plating to ensure lasting beauty and security without the wire loops and sharp edges of chain link fence that can harm pets.

The galvanized and clear-coated frame 20-gauge tubing includes a final clear coating that seals and protects from the normal white rust-dull finish that plain galvanized tubing exhibits. Wire ends are terminated inside the tube frame (no exposed wire ends). Wire is secured within the frame such that it is impossible to pull out. It is lightweight and portable.

When a dog or other pet approaches the boundary, the collar warns the pet with a beeping alert. If the warning is ignored a mild electronic stimulus follows the warning.

Where To Buy: Quality, service and support are top priority when purchasing a dog kennel fence. There are many dog kennel fence providers, but some charge much higher prices than others.

Also Known As: PetSafe dog fences, underground fence, dog fence, electric fence, hidden pet fencing, radio fence, pet containment, electronic dog collars, wireless fence, hidden fence, remote fence

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