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Bombay Cat Breed Information


Bombay catThe Bombay cat was originally bred in 1958 by Nikki Horner, a cat breeder in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. She aimed at breeding an American Shorthair with a sable Burmese for the purpose of creating a domesticated cat that resembled a wild Black Panther. The offspring of this breeding did indeed resemble the Black Leopard of India. The name Bombay is derived from the Indian city of Bombay (now Mumbai).


The Bombay cat is muscular and agile, with a black coat. The heads of Bombay cats are rounded and wide, with a short tapered muzzle. The eyes are golden or copper coloured, rounded and set wide, their ears are broad, slightly rounded, medium sized and, like the eyes, set wide. The Bombay's coat is short, satiny and tight to the body.


Despite a wild appearance, these cats are friendly to humans, and are suitable to raise with other domestic animals.


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