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Effective Weapons for this Fight to Preserve Pet Health

Every minute of every day, there’s a battle going on inside your pet’s body.  Thankfully, there are some excellent ingredients in many foods that are widely recognized as effective weapons for this fight to preserve health. 

The troublemakers in this ongoing conflict are free radicals, which can negatively affect DNA, lipids and proteins.  Their combined impact can lead to cell mutation, disruption of normal cellular processes and even the death of cells*.  In fact, cells can be “attacked” by free radicals many thousands of times … every single day.

Free radicals can be caused by any number of environmental sources, including pollution, secondhand smoke, chemicals from cleaners … even oxygen!  Additionally, the normal chemical processes of the body can trigger the creation of additional free radicals.

According to many health authorities, if we can somehow prevent the excessive development of free radicals, it’s likely that we could also prevent any number of medical problems**.  Research journals and popular magazines alike have praised the health benefits of antioxidants for years.  We now have evidence that supports the view that antioxidants are a necessary line of attack in fighting free radicals.  It seems pretty clear that antioxidants are our best hope of destroying free radicals before they negatively impact your pet’s health.

As a holistic veterinarian, I have seen firsthand how antioxidants are just as beneficial to companion animals as they are to humans.  That’s why so many of our recipes feature an antioxidant component.  In fact, HealthyPetNet was one of the first companies to incorporate antioxidants in their pet food and treat formulas.

Antioxidants are widespread in nature and can be found in numerous vegetables, fruits, spices, nuts.  Ingredients like vitamins C and E, as well as beta-carotene, are actually classified as antioxidants.  The greater the variety of antioxidant sources, the better a body is equipped to fight off free radicals.  That’s because different antioxidants have special affinity for different areas in the body.  For example, the antioxidants from carrots cluster largely in the eyes, while those from tomatoes directly affect the heart.

In a time when many are trying to cut costs and trim budgets, I’m particularly concerned about how the economy will affect our nation’s four-footers.  I’m worried that pet parents, while still recognizing the need to feed a premium diet, will go back to feeding cheap pet snacks.  It bears repeating how harmful some of these inferior-quality products can potentially be.  Often, what’s lurking in those brightly colored bags (featuring words like “Happy”, “Tail-wagging” or “Doggone-Good”) are more health threats than healthy treats.  I can assure you that HealthyPetNet’s treats are not empty-calorie junk; each morsel is a powerhouse of nutrition.

As a caring pet parent, you should be aware of and approve of the approach behind the formulas.  At HealthyPetNet, we believe that everything your pet eats should play a role in achieving the ultimate goal … helping them to live happier, longer and stronger.

We’ve all heard the common saying that a recipe simply tastes better when love is one of the “ingredients”.  I’d like to think that this expression accurately reflects my commitment to providing the very best for your dogs and cats.

I put my heart and soul in every recipe, and I’ve been told that that’s especially obvious in two tasty treats:  Antioxidant Health Bars - Oatmeal & Apple Recipe and Life’s Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats for Healthy Skin and Coat.  To give your sweet companion a healthy helping of natural goodness, I strongly recommend these delicious morsels, not only as sources of great nutrition, but also for their daily happiness, too.

As always, I thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place for companion animals.

Very best regards,
Dr. Jane

* For more information, see Langseth’s Oxidants, Antioxidants and Disease Prevention published in 1995.
** For supporting evidence see Toll and Jewell’s article, “Oxidative Stress and the Antioxidant Defense System: An Overview for Practicing Veterinarians”.


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